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    CME Monthly Calendar March 2017

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    Monthly Calendar

    Wednesday, March 1
    Medicine 12pm, Sharon Knight, M.D. (2)
    "Vesicovaginal Fistula in the U.S. and Developing Countries"
    Breast Cancer Bd, 12pm (10 & 3)
    Cardiology 12:30pm, Nora Goldschlager, M.D. (4)
    "Pacemaker Emergencies II"
    Thoracic Tumor Bd, 1pm (10))

    Thursday, March 2
    Gastroenterology 12pm, Christina Chou, M.D. (17)
    "Gastric Intestinal Metaplasia"
    Neuro-Oncology 12pm, Brian Andrews, M.D.; Lewis Leng, M.D. (10)

    Friday, March 3
    Head & Neck Tumor Bd, 7am (10)
    Orthopaedic Surgery, 7:15am, (1)
    Cardiology, 8am (4)
    Pediatrics 9am, Alan Siegel, M.D. (1)
    "Understanding and Managing the Psychological and Behavioral Dimensions of ADHD and Learning Disabilities"
    Gyn/Oncology/Pathology 12 noon, Jenta Shen, M.D. (3)
    "Metastatic Endometrial Cancer and Management Pathology"

    Monday, March 6
    Ophthalmology Conference 7:45am, Andrew Sorenson, M.D.; Jay Bansal, M.D. (16)
    "Flap Striae Following LASIK, Cataract Development in Post-Verisyse Pseudophakic Lens Patients and Detecting Cataracts in Post- Refractive Surgery Patients"
    Hepatology 12pm, Kidist Yimam, M.D. (17)
    "Primary Biliary Cholangitis"
    Melanoma Tumor Bd, 12pm

    Tuesday, March 7
    Psychiatry 11:30am, Lauri Pasch, M.D. (17)
    "Helping Patients Cope with Early Pregnancy Loss"
    Cardiology, 12:30pm (4)

    Wednesday, March 8
    Breast Cancer Bd, 12pm (10 & 3)
    Thoracic Tumor Bd, 1pm (10)

    Thursday, March 9
    Gastroenterology 12pm, Linda Nguyen, M.D. (17)
    "Outside the Box: Novel Therapies for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders"
    Neuro-Radiology 1pm, Jerome Barakos, M.D. & Amy Huang, M.D. (5)

    Friday, March 10
    Cardiology, 8am (4)

    Monday, March 13
    Ophthalmology Conference, 8:00am (17)
    "Arthur Jampolsky Symposium"
    Hepatology 12pm, Raphael Merriman, M.D. (17)
    "Pulmonary Complications of Cirrhosis"
    Melanoma Tumor Bd, 12pm

    Tuesday, March 14
    Psychiatry 11:30am, Steven Foreman, M.D. (17)
    "Pathological Identification"
    Colorectal/GI Tumor Board, 12pm  (9)
    Cardiology, 12:30pm (4)

    Wednesday, March 15
    Medicine 12pm, Sean Townsend, M.D. (2)
    "Update on Surviving Sepsis Guidelines"
    Breast Cancer Bd, 12pm (10 & 3)
    Cardiology 12:30pm, Anitra Romfh, M.D. (4)
    "Congenital Associated Pulmonary Hypertension"
    Thoracic Tumor Bd, 1pm (10)

    Thursday, March 16
    Gastroenterology 12pm, Evelyn Little, RD; Stephanie Fung, RD; Pam Brown, RD (17)
    "Inpatient Nutrition Management of GI Patients"
    Neurovascular/Neurointerventional 1pm, Charlene Chen, M.D. & Joey English, M.D. (20)

    Friday, March 17
    Cardiology, 8am (4)
    Pediatrics 9am, Rebecca Ivancie, M.D. (1)
    "Kawasaki Disease Review"
    Molecular Tumor Board, 1pm (10)

    Monday, March 20
    Ophthalmology Conference 7:45am, Kevin Denny, M.D.; Nick Mamalis, M.D. (16)
    "Adjustable Intraocular Lens"
    Hepatology 12pm, Timothy Davern, M.D. (17)
    "Drug-Induced Liver Injury"
    Melanoma Tumor Bd, 12pm

    Tuesday, March 21
    Psychiatry 11:30am, Jeffrey Devido, M.D. (17)
    "Substance Use in Pregnancy"
    Cardiology, 12:30pm (4)

    Wednesday, March 22
    Breast Cancer Bd, 12pm (10 & 3)
    Cardiology 12:30pm, Michael Pham, M.D. (4)
    "Recognition and Treatment Options for Advanced Heart Failure"
    Thoracic Tumor Bd, 1pm (10)

    Thursday, March 23
    Colorectal/GI Tumor Board, 12pm (9)
    Gastroenterology 12pm, Bertrand Tuan, M.D. (17)
    "Coagulation Disorders"
    Neurosciences 1pm, Jeffrey Gelfand, M.D. (17)
    "Multiple Sclerosis and Other Demyelinating Diseases: Update 2017

    Friday, March 24
    Cardiology, 8am (4)

    Monday, March 27
    Ophthalmology Conference 7:45am, Richard Imes, M.D. (16)
    "Multiple Cranial Neuropathies"
    Hepatology 12pm, Kidist Yimam, M.D. (17)
    "Autoimmune Hepatitis"
    Melanoma Tumor Bd, 12pm

    Tuesday, March 28
    General Tumor Board, 1pm (10)
    Cardiology, 12:30pm (4)

    Wednesday, March 29
    Breast Cancer Bd, 12pm (10 & 3)
    Cardiology 12:30pm, Gregg Fonarow, M.D. (4)
    "Advances in the Treatment of Heart Failure"
    Thoracic Tumor Bd, 1pm (10)

    Thursday, March 30
    Gastroenterology 12pm, Robert Wong, M.D. (17)
    "Hepatitis C"

    Friday, March 31
    Cardiology, 8am (4)
    Pediatrics 9am, Samantha Powell, MD (1)
    Post-Partum Depression and What the Pediatrician Needs to Know"

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    Location Codes

    (1) Bothin, California Campus
    (2) Medical Education Conf Rm, Pac Campus
    (3) Conference Rooms A, B, C, Cal Campus
    (4) Cardiology Conference Rm, Pac Campus
    (5) Radiology Conference Rm, Pac Campus
    (6) West Wing Board Rm, Cal Campus
    (7) Spivey Rm, Pacific Campus
    (8) Neurology Conference Room, Pac Campus
    (9) Board Room, Pacific Campus
    (10) Radiation/Oncology Conf Rm, Pac Campus
    (11) IHH/2040 Webster St, Pac Campus
    (12) Doctor's Dining Room, Pacific Campus
    (13) Drs' Dining Room, St. Luke's Campus
    (14) Pathology Conference Rm, Pacific Campus
    (15) 2100 Webster Street, Ste 106, Pac Campus
    (16) Auditorium, Davies Campus
    (17) Conference Rm Level A, Pacific Campus
    (18) 2340 Clay, Rm 121, Pacific Campus
    (19) Stanford Bldg, Room 309, Pac Campus
    (20) Conf B1, Davies Campus
    (21) Cafeteria, St. Luke's Campus
    (22) Griffin Room, St. Luke's Campus
    (23) 2100 Webster St, Board Room, Pac Campus

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