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    CME Monthly Calendar March 2014

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    St. Luke’s Grand Rounds

    Thursday, March 13, 12:30pm, Hallam Gugelmann, M.D.
    "Emerging Drugs of Abuse" (Doctors’ Dining Room)

    For information regarding St. Luke’s Grand Rounds, please contact Becky Cohen at 415-641-6822

    Monthly Calendar

    Monday, March 3
    GU Tumor Board, 7:30am (10)
    Ophthalmology Conference, 8am (17)

    "Ethics: Distributive Justice in Ophthalmology"
    Susan Day, M.D.

    Tuesday, March 4
    Medicine 8am, Jill Antoine, M.D. (2)

    "Pandemic Influenza"
    Psychiatry 11:30am, J. Craig Nelson, M.D. (17)
    "Clinical Challenges and Opportunities in the Management of Major Depressive Disorder"

    Wednesday, March 5
    No CME Events

    Thursday, March 6
    Neuro-Oncology 12pm, Brian Andrews, M.D.; Lewis Leng, M.D. (10)
    Gastroenterology 12pm, Gati Goel, M.D. (17)

    "Probiotics in GI Disease"

    Friday, March 7
    Orthopaedic Surgery, 7:15am (1)
    Anesthesia/Surgery 7am, Peter Richards, M.D. (17)

    "Perioperative Transfusion: How Have We Done and What Can We Change?"
    Pediatrics 9am, Jordan Deschamps-Braly, M.D. (1)
    "Craniofacial Growth Anomalies in the Pediatric Population: Part 2"
    Gyn/Oncology/Pathology, 12pm Jenta Shen, M.D. (2)
    "Clinical and Histopathological Features of Ovarian vs. Breast Cancer"

    Monday, March 10
    Ophthalmology Conference, 8am (17)
    "Refractive Surgery"
    Andrew Sorenson, M.D.

    Tuesday, March 11
    OB/GYN 8am, Kimberlee Sorem, M.D. (1)
    "When Zoloft is not Enough: Outpatient Options for Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders"
    Psychiatry 11:30am, Bibhav Acharya, M.D. (17)
    "Integrated Mental Health in Resource: Poor Settings -- Experiences in Healthcare
    Delivery and Research from Rural Nepal"

    Wednesday, March 12
    No CME Events

    Thursday, March 13
    Transplant 8am, Douglas LaBrecque, M.D. (11)
    "The Global Burden of Liver Disease and Hepatocellular Carcinoma"
    St. Luke's 12:30pm, Hallam Gugelmann, M.D. (13)
    "Emerging Drugs of Abuse"
    Neuro-Radiology 1pm, Drs. Jerome Barakos & Amy Huang (5)

    Friday, March 14
    Pediatrics 9am, Holly Pedersen, Ph.D, MFT (1)
    "Understanding Cyber-Bullying: Prevention and Intervention Strategies"

    Monday, March 17
    Ophthalmology Conference, 8am (17)
    Erich Horn, M.D.

    Tuesday, March 18
    Medicine 8am, David Curtis, M.D. (2)
    "Spondyloarthropathies: New Insights into a Family Disease"
    Psychiatry 11:30am, Mardi Horowitz, M.D. (17)
    "Identity and Self-Organizational Change"

    Wednesday, March 19
    No CME Events

    Thursday, March 20
    Neurovascular/Neurointerventional 1pm, Drs. Charlene & Joey English (14)

    Friday, March 21
    Surgery 7:30am, Jessica Beard, M.D. (9)
    "Surgical Tasks: Shifting in Low Resource Counties: Outcomes after Major Surgery"
    Pediatrics 9am, Ann Yeh, M.D. (1)
    "Approach to Reflux and Dyspepsia"
    Family Medicine 8am, Kevin Knopf, M.D. (19)
    "Lymphoma Update"

    Monday, March 24
    Ophthalmology Conference, 8am (17)
    "Ocular Pathology"
    Robert Peralta, M.D.

    Tuesday, March 25
    Psychiatry 11:30am, Rashi Agarwal, MBBS (17)
    "Trauma-Focused Therapy for PTSD in Adults"

    Wednesday, March 26
    No CME Events

    Thursday, March 27
    No CME Events

    Friday, March 28
    No CME Events

    Monday, March 31
    Ophthalmology Conference,8am (17)
    "Pediatric Ophthalmology/Strabismus: Changes in Strabismus Over Time: Clinical Implications"
    David Guyton, M.D.; Susan Day, M.D.

    Location Codes

    (1) Bothin, California Campus
    (2) Medical Education Conf Rm, Pac Campus
    (3) Conference Rooms A, B, C, Cal Campus
    (4) Cardiology Conference Rm, Pac Campus
    (5) Radiology Conference Rm, Pac Campus
    (6) West Wing Board Rm, Cal Campus
    (7) Spivey Rm, Pacific Campus
    (8) Neurology Conference Room, Pac Campus
    (9) Board Room, Pacific Campus
    (10) Radiation/Oncology Conf Rm, Pac Campus
    (11) IHH/2040 Webster St, Pac Campus
    (12) Doctor's Dining Room, Pacific Campus
    (13) Drs' Dining Room, St. Luke's Campus
    (14) Pathology Conference Rm, Pacific Campus
    (15) 2100 Webster Street, Ste 106, Pac Campus
    (16) Auditorium, Davies Campus
    (17) Conference Rm Level A, Pacific Campus
    (18) 2340 Clay, Rm 121, Pacific Campus
    (19) Stanford Bldg, Room 309, Pac Campus
    (20) Conf B1, Davies Campus
    (21) Cafeteria, St. Luke's Campus
    (22) Griffin Room, St. Luke's Campus
    (23) 2100 Webster St, Board Room, Pac Campus