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    CME Monthly Calendar March 2013

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    Grand Rounds at St Luke's  |  March Calendar  |  Location Codes

    Grand Rounds at St Luke's


    Thursday, March 7, 12:30pm, Ana Beyer, M.D.
    “Cardiac Stress Testing: Which Test For Which Patient?” (Doctors’ Dining Room)

    For information regarding St. Luke’s Grand Rounds, please contact Becky Cohen at 641-6822

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    March Calendar

    Friday, March 1
    Pediatrics 9am, Francesca Geertsma, M.D. (1)
    "Coccidiomycosis in Infants and Children: What We Know and What We Think We

    Monday, March 4
    Ophthalmology Conference, 7:45am (17)
    Rona Silkiss, M.D.

    Tuesday, March 5
    Medicine 8am, Edward Kersh, M.D. (2)
    "Is Multaq Dead? A Review of Current Anti-Arrhythmic Therapy for Atrial Fibrillation"
    Psychiatry 11:30am, Hans Steiner, M.D. (17)
    "Eating Disorders Across the Life Span"

    Wednesday, March 6
    No CME Events

    Thursday, March 7
    Gastroenterology 12pm, Christopher Kagay, M.D. (17)
    "Liver MRI"
    St. Luke's 12:30pm, Ana Beyer, M.D. (13)
    "Cardiac Stress Testing: Which Test For Which Patient?"
    NeuroOncology, 12pm, Drs. BrianAndrews & Charles Cobbs (10)

    Friday, March 8
    Orthopaedic Surgery, 7am (1)
    Pediatrics 9am, John Tsukahara, M.D. (1)
    "Why Is He So Sleepy? DKA and Brain Edema"

    Monday, March 11
    Ophthalmology Conference, 7:45am (17)
    Susan Day, M.D.; Arthur Jampolsky, M.D.

    Tuesday, March 12
    Psychiatry 11:30am, Lawrence McGlynn, M.D. (17)
    "Psychiatry and Pharmacy in HIV/AIDS: Working Together"

    Wednesday, March 13
    No CME Events

    Thursday, March 14
    Neurosciences 1pm, Drs. Jerome Barakos & Amy Huang (5)
    Neuroradiology Conference

    Friday, March 15
    Family Medicine 8am, Bryan Ristow, M.D. (9)
    "Pre-Operative Cardiovascular Risk Evaluation"

    Monday, March 18
    No CME Events

    Tuesday, March 19
    Medicine 8am, James Chen, M.D. (2)
    "Evaluation of 0Shoulder Pain for the Primary Care Physician"
    Psychiatry 11:30am, Eve Maremont, M.D. (17)
    "Breast Cancer: A Psychiatric Perspective"

    Wednesday, March 20
    No CME Events

    Thursday, March 21
    Gastroenterology 12pm, Roy Soetikno, M.D. (17)
    "Endoscopic Treatment for Esophageal and Gastric Varices"
    Neurovascular/Neurointerventional Conference, 1pm, Drs. Charlene
    Chen & Joey English (14)

    Friday, March 22
    No CME Events

    Monday, March 25
    No CME Events

    Tuesday, March 26
    No CME Events

    Wednesday, March 27
    No CME Events

    Thursday, March 28
    No CME Events

    Friday, March 29
    No CME Events

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    Location Codes

    (1) Bothin, California Campus
    (2) Medical Education Conf Rm, Pac Campus
    (3) Conference Rooms A, B, C, Cal Campus
    (4) Cardiology Conference Rm, Pac Campus
    (5) Radiology Conference Rm, Pac Campus
    (6) West Wing Board Rm, Cal Campus
    (7) Spivey Rm, Pacific Campus
    (8) Neurology Conference Room, Pac Campus
    (9) Board Room, Pacific Campus
    (10) Radiation/Oncology Conf Rm, Pac Campus
    (11) IHH/2040 Webster St, Pac Campus
    (12) Doctor's Dining Room, Pacific Campus
    (13) Drs' Dining Room, St. Luke's Campus
    (14) Pathology Conference Rm, Pacific Campus
    (15) 2100 Webster Street, Ste 106, Pac Campus
    (16) Auditorium, Davies Campus
    (17) Conference Rm Level A, Pacific Campus
    (18) 2340 Clay, Rm 121, Pacific Campus
    (19) 2 West Nursery, California Campus
    (20) Conf B1, Davies Campus
    (21) Cafeteria, St. Luke's Campus
    (22) Griffin Room, St. Luke's Campus
    (23) 2100 Webster St, Board Room, Pac Campus

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