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    Monthly Calendar November 2013

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    Friday, November 1
    Pediatrics 9am, Drs. Robert Miller & Jonathan Katz (1)
    Neuromuscular Disorders in Children
    Gyn/Oncology/Pathology 12pm, Jenta Shen, M.D. (1)
    Endometrial Cancer with Cervical Extension

    Monday, November 4
    Ophthalmology Conference, 7:45am (17)
    Cataract/Anterior Segment Surgery
    Arthur Fu, M.D.

    Tuesday, November 5
    Medicine 8am, Jesse Liu, M.D. (2)
    Death by Proton Pump Inhibitor
    OBGYN 8:00am, Patrick Mullin, M.D. (17)
    Nausea and Vomiting of Pregnancy: When Conservative Management Fails
    Psychiatry 11:30am, Kimberlee Sorem, M.D. (17)
    Perinatal Mood Disorders and Diabetes
    Cardiology, Clinical Case Conf, 12pm (4)

    Wednesday, November 6
    Cardiology 12:30pm, Warren Manning, M.D. (4)
    Atrial Fibrillation: Insights from Non-Invasive Cardiac Imaging

    Thursday, November 7
    Neuro-Oncology 12pm, BrianAndrews, M.D. (10)

    Friday, November 8
    Pediatrics 9am, William Kennedy, M.D. (1)
    To Circ or Not to Circ: That is the Question
    Cardiovascular Case Conf, 12pm (4)

    Monday, November 11
    Ophthalmology Conference, 7:45am (17)
    Vincent Ray, M.D.

    Tuesday, November 12
    Psychiatry 11:30am, Louann Brizendine, M.D. (17)
    The Female and Male Brain
    Cardiology, Clinical Case Conf, 12pm (4)

    Wednesday, November 13
    Cardiology 12:30pm, Martin Rothman, M.D. (4)
    Interventional Cardiology

    Thursday, November 14
    Neuro-Radiology 1pm, Drs. Jerome Barakos & Amy Huang (5)

    Friday, November 15
    Orthopaedic Surgery, 7am (1)
    Surgery 7:30am, Garrett Hisatake, M.D. (9)

    Surgery in Cirrhotic Patients: The Last Temptation
    Pediatrics 9am, Bryant Toth, M.D. (1)
    Cardiovascular Case Conf, 12pm (4)

    Monday, November 18
    Ophthalmology Conference, 7:45am (17)
    AAO Annual Meeting -- No Rounds

    Tuesday, November 19
    Medicine 8am, David Curtis, M.D. (2)
    Spondyloarthropathies: New Insights Into a Family of Diseases
    Cardiology, Clinical Case Conf, 12pm (4)

    Wednesday, November 20
    Cardiology 12:30pm, Jeanne Poole, M.D. (4)
    ICD Shocks: Helpful or Harmful

    Thursday, November 21
    Neurovascular/Neurointerventional 1pm, Drs. Charlene & Joey English (14)

    Friday, November 22
    Cardiovascular Case Conf, 12pm (4)

    Monday, November 25
    Ophthalmology Conference, 7:45am (17)
    International Ophthalmology
    David Heiden, M.D.

    Tuesday, November 26
    Psychiatry 11:30am, Cornell Wells, M.D. (17)
    Somatoform Disorders in Inpatient Consultation Liaison Encounters in Tertiary Care Settings

    Wednesday, November 27
    Cardiology 12:30pm, Melvin Scheinman, M.D. (4)
    Diagnoses and Management of Pleomorphic Ventricular Tachycardia

    Thursday, November 28
    CPMC Holiday – Thanksgiving

    Friday, November 29
    CPMC Holiday – Day After Thanksgiving

    Location Codes

    (1) Bothin, California Campus
    (2) Medical Education Conf Rm, Pac Campus
    (3) Conference Rooms A, B, C, Cal Campus
    (4) Cardiology Conference Rm, Pac Campus
    (5) Radiology Conference Rm, Pac Campus
    (6) West Wing Board Rm, Cal Campus
    (7) Spivey Rm, Pacific Campus
    (8) Neurology Conference Room, Pac Campus
    (9) Board Room, Pacific Campus
    (10) Radiation/Oncology Conf Rm, Pac Campus
    (11) IHH/2040 Webster St, Pac Campus
    (12) Doctor's Dining Room, Pacific Campus
    (13) Drs' Dining Room, St. Luke's Campus
    (14) Pathology Conference Rm, Pacific Campus
    (15) 2100 Webster Street, Ste 106, Pac Campus
    (16) Auditorium, Davies Campus
    (17) Conference Rm Level A, Pacific Campus
    (18) 2340 Clay, Rm 121, Pacific Campus
    (19) 2 West Nursery, California Campus
    (20) Conf B1, Davies Campus
    (21) Cafeteria, St. Luke's Campus
    (22) Griffin Room, St. Luke's Campus
    (23) 2100 Webster St, Board Room, Pac Campus