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    Resources to help you before, during, and after your surgery and hosital stay

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    There are many resources available through CPMC to help you before, during and after your surgery and hospital stay. Please take the time to explore the following to help you get familiar with all of the services that are available.

    Cancer Care Navigation Services

    • Appointment Coordination

    • Communication Assistance

    • Patient Education

    • Support Services Referrals

    • Wayfinding

    • Lodging and Transportation Needs

    CPMC Breast Health Center

    • Diagnostic Services

    • Breast Cancer Recovery Program

    • Breast Health Education

    • Support Groups

    • Concierge Services for Women with Advanced Metastatic Cancer

    • Telephone Matching Program

    • Free Consultations

    • Financial Disability Insurance Counseling

    • Stress Reduction

    • Care Coordination

    Institute of Health & Healing

    • Therapeutic Massage/Reiki

    • Guided Imagery

    • Chaplain/Spiritual Care

    • Health Information Packet

    • Holistic Nurse Consultation

    • Nutrition Consultation

    • Integrative Medicine Assessment


    See Local Lodgings at for information about local accommodations.

    Financial aid may be available. Contact Cancer Care Navigation Services for more information.

    Your Surgeons

    Please also see your Breast Surgeon and Plastic Surgeons' practice websites for additional information, before-and-after photographs, preoperative and postoperative instructions, and other resources.