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    Before Surgery

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    Getting Started

    Once you and your Surgeon decide which type of surgery is best for you, the Surgeon's office will contact you regarding the date and time of your surgery. it is then your responsibility to contact your primary care physician for a preoperative ("pre-op") physical examination within one month of your surgery date and as late as one week prior.

    A pre‐admission Registered Nurse will contact you one to two weeks prior to your surgery date to obtain all the necessary medical history. You can also expect a phone call from the CPMC Breast Health Center to answer any pending questions you may have. There will be many resources available to you throughout your hospital stay.

    For implant‐based breast reconstructions, you will usually stay in the hospital for two nights. For microsurgery reconstructions (either upper thigh/groin incision or lower abdominal incision), the usual length of stay is between five and seven nights. Discharge time is generally 11 a.m., although the hospital will accommodate your travel plans as best as possible.

    If your surgery is planned in advance, plan to stop smoking at least six
    weeks before your surgery date. Smoking can increase your risk of serious
    complications and lead to flap failure and/or donor site wound healing problems