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    Appendix B: Caring for JP Drains

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    Note: Images and content of Appendix B: Caring for JP Drains is reprinted with the permission of the Vancouver Island Health Authority, Victoria Breast Health Centre.

    JP Drains Care

    1. Empty

    Figure 1: Wash your hands. Hold the bulb up with the tubes on top. Pull the drainage plug out.

    2. Measure

    Figure 2: Turn the bulb over. Empty the bulb into a container. Measure and record the drainage.

    3. Reset

    Figure 3: Push the plug back in while squeezing the bulb. Then release the bulb when the plug is back in. This resets the drain's suction action.

    4. Clean

    • DO NOT rinse the drainage bulb
    • Rinse the measuring container with hot water after each use
    • Empty the drain when the bulb is half full
    • Measure the amount of drainage each time. Record it in the Drain Record table provided on page 20. Bring your Drain Record to your next surgeon's appointment
    • Drainage is often pink. It often becomes yellow or clear and the amount will decrease over time
    • If you accidentally touch the plug with your hands or clothing, cleanse it with 70% isopropyl alcohol before reinserting it back into the bulb
    • If the bulb falls off, reconnect it to the tubing. Use tape if needed. Follow the steps to empty the drain
    • If the drain suction action is not working, take it apart and rejoin it a number of times. If the drainage plug pops out, follow the steps to empty the drain. Tape the drainage plug across the top of the bulb.

    It is normal for small clots, fluid or air bubbles to sit in the drainage tubing, but drains can become clogged with clots. When this happens, you will notice an abrupt decrease in drainage and fluid may leak out where the tube enters the body. To release clots:

    • Support the drain site with one hand (Fig. 4)
    • Gently squeeze the tubing between the fingers of the other hand. Start close to the drain site and gently move your fingers down the tubing, squeezing towards the bulb for about 6 inches (Fig. 5)
    • Repeat 2-3 times

    Contact your surgeon if the blockage does not clear.

    JP Drain Daily Log

    DateTimeDrain #1Drain #2Drain #3Drain #4