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    Sonia and Aydin Senkut

    Sonia and Aydin Senkut

    “We’ve donated to other institutions, but having our baby here made us realize how important it is to support community hospitals like CPMC.”

    Sonia and Aydin Senkut Help Bay Area Infants Stay Warm

    When Sonia Senkut went to CPMC to deliver her son Henry, she had never been admitted to a hospital. “I didn’t really know what to expect,” she says. Because it was all new to her, Senkut had hired a birth coach to help support her. “It was totally unnecessary,” she admitted. “The nurses were very warm and caring.”

    But that’s nothing new. CPMC has been providing mothers with personalized, hands-on care for years. In fact, in 2010 we helped deliver more than half of San Francisco’s babies. Plus, we are known for having one of the best high-risk pregnancy programs in the Bay Area, a fact that made Senkut even more comfortable. “My pregnancy wasn’t high-risk, but I felt like if there was a problem, they’ve probably seen it before and would know how to handle it.”

    She actually did have one minor surprise during the delivery: she ended up having an unplanned c-section. “Everything went amazingly smooth. In fact, this is going to sound weird,” she says with a laugh, “but the best word I can use to describe the surgery is ‘friendly’. I was awake for the procedure and my doctor, Laurie Green, was talking to me the entire time, commenting on how strong my stomach muscles were…just silly stuff like that to help relax me.”

    Bay Area Parents Appreciate a Personal Touch

    Senkut was in the hospital for four days recovering and that’s when she really witnessed CPMC’s personal touch. For instance, she was impressed with how well the staff helped prepare husband Aydin and her to care for their child after they went home. “Because of the surgery I wasn’t very mobile, so the nurses helped Aydin learn things like swaddling the baby—the responsibility was really all on him and they made it as easy as possible.”

    In addition to that, she liked the fact that there was bedside breastfeeding education through our Newborn Connections program. “It was really nice to have someone like that to talk to about making the transition from the hospital to our home.” And to make sure everyone was comfortable, the staff even rolled a cot into her private room—something every mom gets at CPMC—so Mr. Senkut could stay with her and Henry.

    One thing they didn’t anticipate was how giving birth here would impact their charitable giving. “We’ve donated to other institutions,” said Mr. Senkut, “but having our baby here made us realize how important it is to support community hospitals like CPMC.”

    In gratitude, the couple gave CPMC Foundation a gift toward the purchase of new infant bed warmers. “We had a great experience there and it was something the hospital needed,” says Mrs. Senkut, “so it was the obvious choice.”

    More than two years later Henry is doing great. “He’s a little over 3 feet tall, so he’s more than half my height already,” Mrs. Senkut says with a big smile. When asked about the possibility of a second child, she answers without hesitation. “We live down the Peninsula, but if we have another baby, we’ll be coming back to CPMC.”

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