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    Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)
    Inspires Generosity

    Anne, Paul, and Phyllis with John Tsukahara, M.D.

    Anne, Paul, and Phyllis with CPMC Pediatric Intensive Care physician John Tsukahara, M.D. (right)

    "We felt like our daughter was their only patient"

    In February 2011, Anne and Paul brought their daughter Phyllis to CPMC in respiratory distress and with very low blood pressure. Her case was a difficult one, but the extraordinary care delivered by John Tsukahara, M.D., and his colleagues in our Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) has Phyllis living the life of a normal 12-year-old again.

    Their stay at CPMC was a blur, as words like toxic shock and sepsis flew past their ears. Anne says she and Paul were overwhelmed at first, but “the doctors and nurses were so human and so approachable, they made us feel like our daughter was their only patient.”

    Today Phyllis is doing well, but Paul admits the incident “gave us a fear greater than anything we have ever experienced. We owe the entire PICU team so much and will never forget what they did for us — that’s why we support CPMC.”

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