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    Caring for the Whole Person

    Roberta Neustadter

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    CPMC Foundation Partner: Roberta Neustadter

    Roberta Elliott Neustadter passed away peacefully at home on August 1, 2016 after living a full life. She was 102 years of age.

    Roberta Neustadter’s passion for making medical care available to all people began more than a half century ago when she volunteered at Franklin and Stanford Hospitals (now CPMC). Thirty years later when she was asked to fund a pioneering program that marries ancient Eastern healing practices with Western science and medicine, she responded with an enthusiastic yes!

    “I love people and love to help them,” says Roberta, eyes twinkling as she sits in her favorite chair with a view to the sea from her San Francisco home. “So when the hospital asked for my help, I asked ‘how?’”

    Through the Roberta E. Neustadter Mini Medical School in Integrative Medicine at CPMC’s Institute for Health & HealingOpens new window, Roberta and the IHH partnered in providing education and healing services to thousands of patients and staff in and out of the hospital with conditions ranging from cancer to heart disease to chronic pain. The School offers an annual lecture series free to the public encompassing topics ranging from wellness-based health care to utilizing health care information technology. These multidisciplinary perspectives, practitioners and modalities, all focused on the individual, create a holistic approach to illness and well-being.

    “Roberta is a role model in the way she personally and vitally engages in life and the practice of philanthropy,” said William Stewart, M.D., cofounder and former medical director of the IHH. “She gives in service to healing and without expectation of getting something back. And of course she gets back abundant gratitude and inspired stories from the many she has helped.”

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