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    A Letter of Thanks

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    Paul S. May passed away on September 12, 2013. Together with Frank Stein, Paul made many generous gifts over the past decade that helped improve the lives of CPMC patients.

    Dr Ed Kersh with Frank Stein, center, and Paul May, right

    Dr. Ed Kersh with Frank Stein (center) and Paul May (right)

    Paul May and Frank Stein have been patients of Dr. Ed Kersh for many years, so when they heard that the St. Luke’s Cardiovascular Center was in need of new echo imaging technology, they stepped forward to provide funding for a new machine. This equipment replaces a unit from 1990 and is a key acquisition for the center. “CPMC is rolling out a new archiving and report generating system, and our old machines simply cannot communicate with that system,” says Dr. Kersh. “But thanks to Paul and Frank, this new unit will provide enhanced quality as well as instant access to our studies.”

    A Heartfelt Thanks to Generous Donors

    Dear Paul and Frank,

    I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am for your generous gift to fund the acquisition of new, highly advanced echo imaging equipment for St. Luke’s Cardiovascular Center.

    Thanks to you, we now have another powerful tool at our fingertips to help us make a more accurate assessment of our patients. This new equipment will not only provide the images to help diagnose valve disease and coronary disease during stress testing, it will do it in 3D!

    We were honored to receive your gift and are happy to count our patients among the many you have helped at CPMC. Time and time again your gracious gifts to the Medical Center have proven that you have hearts of gold.

    As you know, the St Luke’s Cardiovascular Center is filled with the work of local painters, poets, and sculptors, but I have to say, at this moment, my favorite artists are the two of you. That’s because this new equipment will allow us to capture more detailed images of our patients’ hearts than ever before. In our line of work, there is no picture more beautiful than that, and it’s all made possible because of you.

    Having known you for many years, and been witness to your wonderful philanthropy, I am very proud to call you my friends.

    Warmest regards,

    Edward S. Kersh, M.D., FACC
    Chief of Cardiology, St. Luke’s Hospital
    Clinical Professor of Medicine, UCSF and Dartmouth Schools of Medicine


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