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    It's the Giving That Counts

    Rita Archibald, R.N., Staff Nurse in Psychiatry at CPMC

    Give Now to CPMC

    Rita Archibald, R.N.
    Staff Nurse in Psychiatry at CPMC

    “For most of my career, I have given a percentage of what I receive to charity,” says Rita Archibald, R.N., Staff Nurse in Psychiatry at CPMC. “Even if the amount seems small, we need to recognize the importance of the gesture.”

    Rita’s life experience has shaped her giving philosophy. Since 2003, Rita has tithed a portion of her nurse’s salary to two of our community programs: the African American Breast Health Program and, from the time it opened in 2007, the Bayview Child Health Center.

    As a child growing up on the south side of Chicago, Rita witnessed racism and difficulty accessing health care. While a nursing student who struggled with illness herself, she benefitted from treatment at a community health clinic. And Rita’s first stint as an R.N. in a nursing home reminded her of the humility of being human. Now each day in her work in the psychiatric unit at our Pacific Campus, Rita notes the improvement patients make when supported by family and community.

    “I do not believe we are each one for ourselves, we are all part of a greater whole,” she adds. “We have so much to gain from practicing generosity – we give and we receive. It’s a freeing, vibrant and essential cycle of living.”

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