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    CPMC Leadership

    Sutter West Bay Hospitals Board of Directors

    This board sets policy, guides overall operations, and monitors financial transactions for hospitals in the Sutter Health West Bay Region.

    • Robert M. Tomasello, Chair (also a Director)
    • Peter Fulchiron, Vice Chair (also a Director)
    • Leo C.H. Soong, Chair of the Finance and Planning Committee (also a Director)
    • Michael J. Cohill, Region President (also a Director)
    • John B. Gates, CPA, Regional Chief Financial Officer
    • Michael A. Duncheon, Corporate Secretary

    • Rt. Rev. Marc H. Andrus
    • Damian H. Augustyn, M.D.
    • William L. Brunetti
    • Theodore Deikel
    • Thomas J. Dietz, Ph.D.
    • Roy Eisenhardt
    • Jordan J. Horowitz, M.D.
    • Peter Jacobi
    • Joan C. Kahr, Ph.D.
    • Ronald H. Kaufman
    • Edward S. Kersh, M.D., FACC
    • Sarah Krevans
    • Steven E. Levenberg, D.O.
    • Thomas E. Lincoln
    • Alastair A. Mactaggart
    • Anthony W. Miles
    • Scott Minick
    • Timothy Murphy, M.D.
    • Cynthia Nestle
    • Dennis J. O'Connell
    • Steven H. Oliver
    • Robert W. Osorio, M.D.
    • Robert A. Rosenfeld
    • Terri A. Slagle, M.D.
    • Michael N. Valan, M.D.
    • Anthony G. Wagner
    • Richard C. Watts
    • Deborah D. Wyatt, M.D.

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