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    CPMC Foundation Leadership

    Board of Counselors

    Counselors, previously members of CPMC, CPMC Foundation, or Sutter Health West Bay boards, are appointed to continue their service as ambassadors to our community.


    • Kaatri B. Grigg, Co-Chair
    • Toby Rosenblatt, Co-Chair


    • Kent W. Barber, Jr., M.D.
    • James L. Bennington, M.D. (Member of the Legacy Society)
    • Barbara F. Bentley
    • Dawn Yates Black (Member of the Legacy Society)
    • Toni Brayer, M.D.
    • Geraldine R. Brinton
    • Kathleen Cardinal
    • Mrs. Arthur A. Ciocca
    • Margaret Liu Collins
    • Paula R. Collins
    • Jeffrey H. Congdon
    • Anne-Marie Cordingly
    • Mrs. Carol G. Costigan
    • Robert T. Devlin (Member of the Legacy Society)
    • Rev. James Emerson
    • Susan Euphrat (Member of the Legacy Society)
    • Piper MacDonald Evans (Member of the Legacy Society)
    • Courtnay Daniels Haden
    • Jessica E. Hart (Member of the Legacy Society)
    • Mary O. Hauser (Member of the Legacy Society)
    • Victoria B. Henley
    • Barbara A. Henry
    • Cecilia H. Herbert
    • George B. James
    • Mrs. Hugh W. Klebahn
    • Charles S. La Follette (Member of the Legacy Society)
    • Thomas M. Landy
    • June R. Lilienthal
    • Mary R. Lowrey
    • Stephanie C. MacColl
    • Alastair A. Mactaggart
    • Constance B. Mardikian
    • Diane Mosbacher
    • David G. Nasaw
    • Shelby Notkin
    • Susan Robinson
    • Michael A. Roosevelt
    • Thomas R. Russell, M.D.
    • Mrs. Maryanna G. Stockholm
    • Mrs. Mary Ann Milias St. Peter (Member of the Legacy Society)
    • G. Craig Sullivan
    • Mrs. Loulie H. Sutro
    • Richard Thalheimer
    • Patrick S. Thompson, Esq.
    • Anne R. Thornton
    • Joseph N. Wineroth, III

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