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    In Memory of Michelle Shutzer

    Michelle Shutzer

    Michelle Shutzer 1969-2014

    “I knew when I met her she was going to break my heart.”

    Those were the words spoken by oncologist Ari Baron, M.D. when he met CPMC Foundation Senior Development Officer Michelle Shutzer nearly four years ago. Michelle passed away on April 9, 2014 from Stage 4 colon cancer.

    Michelle was an incredibly grateful patient of Dr. Baron’s and never missed an opportunity to share her gratitude to her physicians and CPMC. “Dr. Baron rocks,” she would always say, “and it’s because of people like him that I wanted to work for CPMC.”

    Michelle was committed to philanthropy, the joy of helping donors realize their dreams, and her fascination of working with clinicians. She worked on behalf of a number of different CPMC programs, including the Institute for Health & Healing, the Program in Medicine & Human Values, the Community Health Resource Center and Orthopedics.

    Michelle’s grace taught us much about living. Her joy for life, positive attitude and cheerfulness were infectious, even as her body began to fail. She was deeply loyal to her friends and family, and to those with whom she worked every day. We remain grateful and indebted.