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    Financial Statements

    Statements of Financial Position:
    December 31, 2012 and 2011

    Statements of Financial Position: Assets

    Current assets: Cash and cash equivalents$6,690,472$7,588,456
    Current assets: Short-term investments$58,669,726$50,497,618
    Current assets: Pledges and split interest agreements receivable, net $3,476,294$5,609,421
    Current assets: Other current assets$306,840$285,044
    Total current assets$69,143,332$63,980,539
    Non-current investments$154,625,109$139,045,973
    Real propertyNot applicable$3,685,000
    Real property — held for sale$1,580,000Not applicable
    Pledges and split interest agreements receivable, net, less current portion$14,413,242$16,257,850
    Property, plant and equipment, net$8,332,979202,508
    Other assets$115,677$109,891
    Total assets$248,210,339$223,281,761

    Statements of Financial Position: Liabilities and Net Assets

    Liabilities and Net Assets20122011
    Current liabilities: Accounts payable and accrued liabilities$379,945$479,648
    Current liabilities: Due to California Pacific Medical Center$2,479,411$4,603,634
    Current liabilities: Obligations under annuity agreements$614,745$596,411
    Total current liabilities$3,474,101$5,679,693
    Non-current liabilities: Obligations under annuity agreements, less current portion$3,341,572$3,584,370
    Non-current liabilities: Revocable gifts$2,000,000$2,000,000
    Non current liabilities: Other$666,151$677,035
    Total non-current liabilities$6,007,723$6,261,405
    Net Assets: Unrestricted$118,280,008$91,278,379
    Net Assets: Temporarily restricted$67,553,345$68,507,469
    Net Assets: Permanently restricted$52,895,162$51,554,815
    Net Assets: Total net assets$238,728,515$211,340,663
    Total liabilities and net assets$248,210,339$223,281,761

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