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    A Teacher’s Legacy

    Jo Markovich

    Josephine Markovich Did you know there are investment vehicles that can have charitable impact and also supplement your retirement income? Consider the commitment of Josephine Markovich. A lifelong San Franciscan and retired special education teacher, Jo has created 15 charitable gift annuities in the past 12 years for Sutter Health’s CPMC through CPMC Foundation.

    Jo funded some of her annuities with high-yielding bonds that were recalled. The annuities give her a better return, she says, than if she were to reinvest the bonds. Jo directs her gifts to different programs at CPMC, where she has also received care. We salute Jo’s vision and generosity, as well as the many donors who have also named CPMC in their estate plans.

    "It’s nice to know I’m doing something to help a service I believe in for the long term,” says Jo. “And the annuities offer me financial advantages right now as well.”

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