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    A Healthy Return on Her Investment

    Mimi Haas, president of the Mimi and Peter Haas Fund

    Mimi Haas, president of the Mimi and Peter Haas Fund

    Most people would be thrilled with an investment that offers a 13-to-1 return.

    But this particular investment is not in the stock market. It is an investment in the overall health of our community — and it is one that Mimi Haas is proud to make.

    As president of the Mimi and Peter Haas Fund for more than 30 years, Mimi has been an integral part of helping fund some of the City’s most successful early childhood development and health care programs. Two prime examples are CPMC’s Kalmanovitz Child Development Center and Bayview Child Health Center.

    “We made the decision in the early 1990s to focus on early education programs for children at risk because it was clear that if we could get to those children when they are really young, we could make a difference in their lives forever,” she says. “Studies show that for every dollar you invest in quality services for these children, you save 13 dollars later on joblessness, drug addiction, crime, teenage pregnancy — the list of things you can positively affect just goes on and on.”

    Mimi keeps the vast majority of the Fund’s giving here in San Francisco because she believes that by focusing her philanthropy, she can ultimately have a bigger impact. “Sometimes social welfare issues can seem overwhelming,” she says. “So we decided that if you can make a difference in some children’s lives every year, it can make a big difference for the whole community later on.”

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