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    Welcome to the 2012 Annual Report of Sutter Health's CPMC and CPMC Foundation

    This online annual report includes profiles of our physicians, patients, donors and audited financial statements. We appreciate your feedback and invite you to send any questions or comments to To view a PDF version of the report or request a printed copy, visit the page Contact Us.

    A Caring Partnership

    Thanks to your philanthropic investment in our mission, we at Sutter Health’s California Pacific Medical CenterOpens new window are able to provide a compassionate, personalized style of care that sets us apart. It might be a doctor setting a little boy’s broken arm at the City’s first and only Pediatric Emergency Room.

    It could be a physician who takes the extra time to listen to a prostate cancer patient’s concerns before administering treatment at one of the area’s bestequipped radiation oncology departments. Or it may be a nurse who offers comfort and advice to the spouse of an Alzheimer’s patient at our newly opened Brain Health Center.

    Whatever the case, and whatever care is needed, your generosity helps make it all possible. As partners who share the same goal, together we are making a difference in the health of our community every single day.

    Changing Lives With Your Generosity

    Your gifts to California Pacific Medical Center FoundationOpens new window nurture new life, help heal patients who are ill, educate and support caregivers, and ensure a healthier future through innovative medical research. They also allow CPMC to expand patient services, acquire crucial new equipment, upgrade facilities, and fund important public health programs for those in need. Thanks to your generosity and collaborative spirit, CPMC will be able to continue improving the quality of life for patients, their families, and their loved ones far into the future.

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    Sutter Health’s CPMC Foundation; We Plus You