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    Tour of the Pediatric Emergency Department

    California Pacific Medical Center's Pediatric Emergency Department serves children ages birth to 18. The following are some highlights of this facility, which is located at 3700 California Street in San Francisco.

    Waiting Room

    Because our waiting room serves only the Pediatric Emergency Department, children enjoy the company of other children, versus adults with serious medical emergencies. Age-appropriate activities including puzzles, coloring books, comics and toys are available.

    Triage Room

    This is the first room a child visits to have his/her health status assessed. After an initial exam, the family will be taken to an exam or treatment room as indicated.

    Patient Waiting Room

    The six patient rooms in the Pediatric Emergency Department are large enough to comfortably accommodate both the child and a parent or family member. The air and oxygen are covered by panels depicting San Francisco scenes so children will be less intimidated. Cribs are available in some rooms to accommodate infants and babies. Child-sized pulse oximeters, wheelchairs, neonatal armbands, blood pressure cuffs and other equipment are designed to fit pediatric patients. The décor in the patient rooms was selected to appeal to children of all ages.

    ENT Room

    This room features special lights and seating--along with ear, nose and throat (ENT) equipment--for use with children who have ENT emergencies such as having a bead lodged in the nose or ear.

    Resuscitation Room

    This room, used for sicker patients, features a Broselow™ cart (with multi-colored drawers). It supplies all the equipment needed for a child’s emergency resuscitation requirements (angiocath, blood pressure cuff, etc.), in a color-coded system.

    Child Life

    California Pacific is unique among Bay Area hospitals in that we provide Child Life staff in the Emergency Department. This team, known as our “Kid Helpers,” prepares children for medical procedures and helps explain what they will experience. Some coping techniques our kid helpers use include bubbles, songs, art and puppets.

    Pediatric Emergency Department
    3700 California Street, Lobby Level
    San Francisco, Calif.
    Tel: 415-600-4444
    Call 911 for medical emergencies