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    Helpful Hints for Parents
    Pediatric Emergency Department

    What You Can Do to Help Your Child

    During a medical emergency, you are the best person to help your child feel comfortable and safe. Although it may be difficult at times, reassure your child by staying calm.

    • Give frequent hugs, and distract your child with stories, pictures or books.
    • Be patient with your child.
    • Help your child understand what is happening.
    • Be honest to your child about what he or she can expect.
    • Use age appropriate language that is easy to understand.
    • Allow your child to talk about worries or feelings.
    • Remind you child that it’s okay to feel worried or cry, but help them talk about their feelings.
    • Listen to your child and help them understand that their feelings are normal and reassure them that they have done nothing wrong.
    • Help your child see hospital staff as helpers.
    • Remind your child that the staff has a lot of experience helping children feel better.
    • Ask questions and encourage your child to ask questions so they can participate in their health care.

    Tips for a Child's Medical Emergency

    If an emergency arises, parents can help take the anxiety out of a hospital visit by planning ahead. Remember, for life-threatening emergencies call 911.

    • For non-life threatening emergencies, try contacting your own physician first.
    • Treat your child with pain relief or wound care before heading to the ER.
    • Try to leave siblings at home.
    • Bring your child’s medical history including doctor contact information, vaccinations and medications.
    • Follow discharge instructions from the ED and follow up with your pediatrician if needed.