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    Continuum of Care For Treating Stroke

    At California Pacific Medical Center we go beyond medicine, caring for our community members through stroke prevention education and screening opportunities. One of our primary goals is to stop strokes before they occur. We accomplish this by helping persons at risk learn and adapt risk reducing lifestyle modifications, as well as, educating close family and friends on identifying the signs and symptoms of stroke to ensure early intervention.

    Best Practices

    Ambulance emergency medical technicians (EMT) and emergency department (ED) professionals are typically the first responders for stroke and the Stroke Care Center physician specialists work closely with them to integrate stroke-treatment best practices. California Pacific’s comprehensive stroke team specialists are available 24-hours a day for persons experiencing cerebrovascular episodes, fast-tracking patients to medical and surgical interventions, saving critical brain function.

    Continuum of Care

    Assisting stroke patients return to their highest level of day-to-day functionality is achieved through physical rehabilitation. Offering inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services, the recovery phase assists patients and their families gain the strength and confidence to return to the activities they enjoy such as gardening, exercising, traveling, or driving.

    Comprehensive Outpatient Physical & Occupational Therapy


    • Physical rehabilitation
    • Speech therapy
    • Recreation therapy

    Acute Rehabilitation

    Highlights include:

    • Brain Injury Program
    • Directed by a board certified Physiatrist
    • Accredited by the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF Certified)
    • Rated in the top 3% for stroke patient outcomes

    Institute for Health & Healing


    • Guided imagery
    • Stress management

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