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    CPNI Commitment to Research

    Some of the newest technology and therapies are made available to patients through our commitment to research. Clinical research trials provide opportunities to access the most current therapy available for treating neurological conditions. Through these advanced technologies, we strive to improve our patients’ health and quality of life. The depth and breadth of our neuroscience research underscores our commitment to provide state-of-the-art neurological care.

    Through excellence in neuroscience health service, education and research the Institute provides quality care when it’s needed most.

    Sutter Health Neuroscience Research Consortium

    Advancing the treatment of neurological disorders and complex conditions of the brain, spine, and central nervous system

    As the ninth largest healthcare organization in the U.S., Sutter Health is a recognized leader in clinical research, and has integrated neuroscience research and clinical trials across its 24 Northern California affiliate medical centers. This gives patients access to a large and diverse range of treatment options and follow-up services to support their care plan, and facilitates their entry into clinical trials.

    Sutter Health offers its adult and pediatric patients some of the leading neurosurgery, neurology, and neuro-oncology specialists in Northern California, with state-of-the-art diagnostic and surgical technologies. Our neuroscience experts are at the forefront of clinical research, advancing the treatment of brain tumors, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, pain disorders, multiple sclerosis, autism, movement disorders, ALS and neuromuscular diseases, epilepsy, and stroke.

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    Current Neuroscience Clinical Trials