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    The Patient Care Experience

    At California Pacific’s Ray Dolby Brain Health Center we understand many adults experience memory difficulties and memory loss. Individuals at any age can be affected, even people in their thirties and forties. There are many reasons and numerous types of memory loss. The important thing to know, which people may not realize, is early intervention can reverse or delay memory loss for some people.

    Individuals who could benefit from Ray Dolby Brain Health Center services are persons who are experiencing increased memory changes at any age. Symptoms may include: forgetfulness, anxiety, confusion, irritability, depression, loss of interest in friends, family and social events and progressive seclusion, isolation or distrust.

    Before Visiting Our Center


    The earlier Alzheimer's is detected, the better chance a patient has of receiving treatments that may delay certain symptoms. Early diagnosis also allows families to better plan for the care and support which may be needed.

    Before a patient visits CPMC's Ray Dolby Brain Health Center, a thorough review is done of all the patient's outside medical records and the referral. Upon meeting the physician, the patient and/or family will be asked questions about the current situation, and a neurologic examination will be performed to look for conditions that could be associated with memory impairment. Some cognitive screening is routinely done during this visit. The doctor may check the patient's overall health, review medicines they take, and conduct or order tests that check memory, problem solving, and language skills. Sometimes, blood tests, a brain scan (a CT, MRI, or PET Scan) or other tests might help determine whether memory complaints are caused by another condition.

    This initial evaluation may result in the need for additional testing, such as an EEG, neuropsychological testing or even a sleep study, since poor sleep can impair attention, concentration and memory.

    Dealing with Dementia - a Video