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    Microsurgery Photo Gallery

    Black and White Photographs by Nancy Chee

    Profile of Dr Harry J Buncke, M.D.: Black and white photography by Nancy Chee. (copyright 2001 Nancy Chee. All Rights Reserved)

    Dr Harry Buncke at his desk using 2 writing instruments to demonstrate his ambidexterity.

    Dr Harry Buncke at the Nursing Floor.

    Dr Harry Buncke writing at his desk.

    Close-up of Dr Harry Buncke with his loupes.

    Dr Harry Buncke in his office. (copyright 2001 Nancy Chee. All Rights Reserved)

    Close-up of H J Buncke MD's loupes.

    Drs Constance & Harry Buncke at his office.

    Dr Harry Buncke with fellows at a teaching conferrence.

    Dr Harry Buncke with a thumbs-up at completion of a thumb's reconstruction.