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    Yearly Health Exams for Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Recipients

    To best maintain your health following kidney transplantation, there are a number of important routine medical issues you need to address. Although these issues may not be directly related to your kidney transplant function, being aware of them can promote both your overall health and that of your kidney.

    Our transplant nephrologists at California Pacific Medical Center recommend that each year you receive the following tests by your local primary care healthcare team:

    • Yearly Cholesterol Screening

    • Yearly Assessment of Bone Density

    • Routine Vaccinations

      • all transplant patients should receive the flu shot each year

      • all transplant patients should receive the pneumococcal (pneumonia) vaccine every 3–5 years
    • Routine Cancer Screening

      • colonoscopy for all men and women after age 50 and every 5-10 years thereafter if the last study was normal

      • routine skin cancer examination for all men and women at least once a year by primary care doctor or dermatologist

      • yearly mammograms for all women over age 40

      • yearly gynecologic exams/PAP smear for all women

      • yearly prostate specific antigen tests (PSA) for all men over age 50

      • patients who smoke should stop smoking
    The above tests should be ordered and reviewed by your local primary care healthcare team. Because patients with a history of end-stage renal disease have a high incidence of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease, these common medical problems should also be considered.

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