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    Kidney Transplant Donor Sources

    Kidneys for transplantation can come from either living donors or the generous donation of organs by the family of a brain or cardiac death victim (deceased kidney donor). Specific types of donors include:

    Types of Kidney Transplants from a Deceased Donor

    Brain Dead Donor: Kidney donor with an irreversible head injury who was declared brain dead based on specific criteria. Brain dead donors remain on life support during organ recovery surgery.

    Donation after Cardiac Death Donor (DCD Donor): Kidney donor with a severe brain injury who does not meet the criteria for brain death but has no chance of survival. Donation after cardiac death donors are removed from life support prior to organ recovery surgery.

    Expanded Criteria Donor (ECD Donor): Any brain dead donor over age 60, or over age 50 with concurrent health problems.

    Types of Kidney Transplants from a Living Donor

    Living Related Donor: A living donor who is a healthy blood relative of the person awaiting transplant. This includes a sibling, parent, child, aunt, uncle, cousin, etc.

    Living Unrelated Donor: A living-unrelated donor is a healthy person who is emotionally close to, but not blood-related to the person awaiting transplant. This includes one’s spouse, in-law relatives and close friends. A living-unrelated donor can also include a compatible, anonymous donor matched by our Kidney Paired Donation program.

    Living donor transplantation is the most successful kidney transplant procedure. Typically, living donor transplants last longer than deceased donor transplants.

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