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    Know Your Coordinator, Know Your Status

    by Angela Bogetti-Dumlao, R.N., FNP and Patrice Chamberlain

    Stay Abreast of Your Pre-Transplant Status and Next Steps

    For individuals awaiting a kidney transplant from a deceased donor, knowing your transplant status is a top priority. California Pacific’s Kidney Transplant Program now makes this easier, as we have reorganized our pre-transplant team to have one nurse dedicated to each of three pre-transplant status designations. These San Francisco-based nurses work closely with our outreach nurse coordinators, located in regions throughout Northern California.

    If you are awaiting a kidney transplant at California Pacific Medical Center, you need to know your transplant status, the pre-transplant nurse who oversees that status, and your local outreach nurse coordinator.“You hear the quote all the time that it takes a village; it really does take a village to get someone transplant ready,” says Nurse Coordinator Lana Souza, R.N. Pre-transplant patients awaiting a deceased donor transplant are assigned one of three statuses:

    Pre- listed Patients

    Pre- listed patients are those who have been evaluated but not added to the transplant waiting list. Reasons for this may include:

    1. Kidney function/glomerular filtration rate (GFR)does not meet the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) requirement of < 20 for listing

    2. Overweight, with Body Mass Index (BMI) >40

    3. Psychosocial issues such as legal restraints, substance abuse, inadequate support, noncompliance

    4. Incomplete or missing lab information, such as not having two reports that confirm a patient's blood type
    Steps a pre- listed patient can take to help get on the transplant waiting list include:
    1. Complete required lab work and/or tests as soon as possible

    2. If you have questions contact your pre- listed coordinator, Lana Souza, at 415-600-1088 or your local outreach nurse coordinator

    3. Keep your outreach nurse coordinator regularly apprised of your GFR and BMI

    4. Maintain contact with your transplant social worker to complete any relevant psychosocial requirements

    Status 7 Patients

    Status 7 patients are those who have been added to the transplant waiting list but have not been cleared for transplant due to medical, financial or psychosocial issues. Because there is currently a long wait for deceased donor, the Status 7 Nurse Coordinator, Marilou Rodas, R.N., closely monitors the list to estimate when an individual’s work-up should be completed. She will then contact the transplant candidate to schedule a re-evaluation. A re-evaluation helps ensure transplant candidacy, and physical and psychological readiness.

    Steps a Status 7 patient can take to progress to the next stage on the list include:

    1. Stay healthy—keep dialysis appointments and practice health maintenance. This includes wellness screenings, dental exams, regular exercise and weight control. If you are a smoker, you will have to quit smoking before you can receive a transplant.

    2. Complete appropriate testing in a timely manner

    3. Keep your nurse coordinator apprised of any medical, psychosocial and insurance changes

    4. Have all appropriate tests results sent directly to California Pacific's Kidney Team via mail or fax: 415-600-1085

    Status 1 Patients

    A Status 1 patient is medically, psychosocially and financially cleared for transplant. These individuals could receive a call for a kidney at any time. Individuals are notified by letter when they become Status 1.

    The Status 1 Nurse Coordinator, Vicki Martin, R.N., works with Status 1 patients to ensure readiness when a kidney becomes available. A re-evaluation appointment may be necessary at Status 1. As one’s health changes, the Kidney Team may periodically request tests to ensure that one is an acceptable transplant candidate. Because the Kidney Team has one hour to contact you if a kidney becomes available, it is critical that you stay in touch with your coordinator, providing updates to your health status, insurance or contact information.

    Awaiting Kidney Transplant?

    Kidney Team Nurse Contacts
    Pre-TransplantPre- listed Patients Lana Souza, RN415-600-1088
    Pre-TransplantStatus 7 Patients Marilou Rodas, RN 415-600-1082
    Pre-TransplantStatus 1 Patients Vicki Martin, RN 415-600-1079
    Living DonorLiving Donor Transplants
    (recipient last names A-K)
    Donyale John, RN 415-600-1718
    Living DonorLiving Donor Transplants
    (recipient last names L-Z)
    Lana Jaber, RN 415-600-5973
    OutreachEast Bay Area Patients Clarissa Golden, RN 510-776-4143
    OutreachFresno Area Patients Lisa Lynn, LCSW, ACSW 559-681-0829
    OutreachModesto Area Patients Robert Fuller, RN 209-401-8996
    OutreachNorth Coast & San Francisco Area Patients Susan Reid, RN 415-912-8845
    OutreachSacramento / Nevada Area Patients Sharon Deane, RN 916-768-2795
    OutreachSouth Bay Area Patients Betsy Bucter, RN408-832-5495

    article from Fall Winter 2010 Kidney Review newsletter