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    CPMC Boasts Higher than Expected Kidney Transplant Outcomes

    by Laura Miyashita

    Last year California Pacific Medical Center’s Kidney & Pancreas Transplant Program performed 210 kidney transplants. More importantly, the hospital’s three-year kidney graft and patient survival are 89% and 95%, respectively—both statistically higher than expected, based on national experience reported by the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (

    “We are very pleased with our transplant outcomes—and a 2011 analysis that named California Pacific Medical Center as a ‘Top Transplant Center’ for both kidney and liver transplant” says William Bry, M.D., surgical director of the Kidney Transplant Program at California Pacific Medical Center.

    Kidney Donor Sources

    In 2011, deceased donor transplants—in which the kidney comes from someone who suffered brain death from trauma or medical illness such as a stroke—comprised 144 kidney transplants performed at California Pacific. “Families who make the decision to donate a loved ones’ organs have helped these 144 kidney transplant recipients gain a new lease on life,” explains Bry.

    Likewise, living donors provide one of their healthy kidneys to an individual in what is called a living donor transplant. In 2011, 66 individuals at California Pacific received a kidney from a living donor. Sources for living donor transplants include family members, friends, and even altruistic donors who may start a living donor chain.

    “We continue to try to find compatible donor and recipient pairs through our Kidney Paired Donation Program so that we can increase the number of living donor transplants and get patients to transplant more quickly,” explains Steven Katznelson, M.D., medical director of California Pacific’s Kidney Transplant Program.

    Bry adds, “With the waiting time for a deceased donor kidney now approaching 5-7 years, or 2-4 years for an extended criteria donor kidney, consideration of a kidney transplant from a living donor is more important than ever.”

    Kidney Transplant Volumes at CPMC
    Living Donors5491547466
    Deceased Donors14712957128144

    Kidney Transplant Outcomes at CPMC
    Survival1 Year3 Year
    Graft Survival 95.91%89.41%
    Patient Survival 98.2595.49

    Data from Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients ( 1-year survival based on transplants between 7/1/08-12/31/10; 3-year survival based on transplants between 1/1/06-6/30/08.