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    California Pacific Performs 202 Kidney Transplants and 18 Pancreas Transplants in 2010

    by William Bry, M.D., surgical director, Kidney Transplant Program and Laura Miyashita

    Last year California Pacific Medical Center’s Kidney & Pancreas Team performed 202 kidney transplants, an increase from 186 in 2009. The main growth was in the number of living donor transplants.

    “We increased our living donor transplants 30 percent, from 57 in 2009 to 74 in 2010,” says William Bry, M.D., surgical director of California Pacific’s Kidney Transplant Program. Living donor transplants include:

    • living-related transplants between family members

    • living-unrelated transplants between friends or spouses

    • paired donation transplants in which incompatible donors and recipients are able to "swap" donor and recipient with another pair so each can receive a compatible donor kidney.
    Deceased donor kidney transplants—in which the kidney comes from someone who suffered brain death from trauma or medical illness such as a stroke—comprise the largest number of transplants. Ninety-seven deceased donor transplants occurred at California Pacific in 2010.

    Extended criteria donor (ECD) transplants—which involve transplanting a kidney from an older donor into an older recipient—comprised 27 kidney transplants in 2010. An ECD transplant shortens the wait for a kidney donor. “Remarkably, only one of the 27 kidneys we transplanted last year failed to function well, despite the fact that the donor was older,” says Bry.

    The Kidney Team performed 18 pancreas transplants last year—an increase from 14 in 2009. Most pancreas transplants occur as simultaneous kidney-pancreas transplants.

    With the nationwide kidney paired donation (KPD) pilot (see page 6) underway, the Kidney Team expects continued growth in the program and hopes to increase the number of organs available to everyone on the transplant waiting list.

    Kidney Transplants
    Donor Type20092010
    Living Donor5774
    Deceased Donor10097
    ECD Donor2927

    Pancreas Transplants
    Pancreas Transplant Sequence20092010
    Simultaneous Pancreas Transplant1318
    Pancreas after kidney10

    article from Spring Summer 2011Kidney Review newsletter