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    A False Allegations by CNA Union Designed to Cover Negotiation Failures

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    San Francisco, CA, August 19, 2010

    CPMC Offers Nurses Raises, But Union Leaders Fight Pay Increase

    Nurses and hospital managers at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco today said that union claims of discrimination are false and designed to cover up the union’s own failure to win a contract despite three years of negotiations.

    “We pride ourselves on our diverse hiring policies and our longstanding commitment to promoting equal opportunity employment,” said Warren Browner, MD, MPH, CEO of California Pacific Medical Center. “The allegations of discrimination made by the California Nurses Association are dishonest and without merit.”

    California Nurses Association (CNA) claims in a press conference today that the hospital has put a quota on hiring Filipino nursing staff are being made in the heat of an on-going three-year long contract negotiation. The hospital said that “not only are the allegations untrue, but they are made without any factual basis.”

    Emilia Maninang RN, Clinical Nurse Manager in the Skilled Nursing Facility/Sub-Acute care unit at St. Luke’s, backed the statements made by hospital administrators.

    “I have worked at St. Luke’s for 19 years and no one has ever told me not to hire Filipino nurses,” says Maninang. “I’m Filipino and if I had heard anyone say that I would’ve been appalled. I think the claims are part of CNA’s agenda to try and make CPMC look bad.”

    Rose Duya RN, who has been at St. Luke’s for 12 years says “When I heard the allegations made by the union I thought, ‘They must be desperate’. I’m Filipino, most of my colleagues here at St. Luke’s are Filipino and I have been to many of the other CPMC campuses and have seen many other Filipinos there as well, so I don’t see how the union can make those claims.”

    During the past several weeks, CPMC has offered to give nurses a 2 percent raise. The hospital believes the nurses deserve the raise for their hard work and dedication to patient care. However, union leaders have fought against CPMC’s offer to provide a raise to nurses and the hospital believes their discrimination charges are designed to divert attention from the union’s own failure at the bargaining table.

    “The claims made by the California Nurses Association are ridiculous” says Dr. Browner. “In 2007, 63% of our nurses at St. Luke’s were Asian. Today that number is 66%. We do not have any way of identifying what percentage of our nurses are Filipino because we don’t break down these categories by ethnicity or country of origin. In fact, the only data we have on ethnicity are self-reported by our employees using categories approved by the Federal government such as Asian, Hispanic or Latino, Black or African American or White (non-Hispanic)”

    “We stand by our record as an employer that is committed to diversity,” says Dr. Browner. “Our goal is to attract and recruit the very best employees who reflect the diversity of our patient population and the city we live in. Our doors are always open and anyone interested working with CPMC should check our website.”

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