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    CPMC’s novel liver transplant model saves lives and proves to be a national leader

    CPMC is the only hospital nationally with higher-than-expected graft and patient survival rates for one- and three-year periods.

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    San Francisco, July 29, 2015 - Sutter Health's California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) has the longest run of statistically better-than-expected survival rates for liver transplant recipients of any liver transplant program in the nation.

    The Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR) biannual report just released confirms these survival outcomes for six consecutive six-month reporting periods.

    The SRTR compares outcomes at different transplant centers based on adjustments for patient severity of liver-related sickness at the time of transplantation. CPMC's statistically better-than-expected survival rates, referred by SRTR as higher-than-expected, are the gold standard that transplant centers strive to achieve.

    "This is the sixth consecutive reporting period with CPMC liver transplantation results exceeding expected survival rates. We are proud to be the only program in the country with such a high success rate," said CPMC CEO Warren Browner, MD, MPH. "Our standing in the SRTR report is a tribute to the talent and hard work of our transplant team, as well as all the staff and physicians who care for our transplant patients."

    CPMC surgeons performed more than 200 liver transplants during this three-year period. At CPMC, 96.8 percent of liver patients survived one year after transplant, compared to the expected 91.3 percent.

    "The CPMC transplant program has maintained its standing with survival rates in large part because of its unique and extensive liver care network for patients through 14 regional liver clinics across northern California and Nevada," said Robert W. Osorio, MD, FACS, chairman of the CPMC Department of Transplantation. "Our liver physicians travel to these regional clinics to see the patients in their communities, interacting with their local physicians and allowing patients to spend more time close to home rather than traveling to specialists in San Francisco."

    The concept of bringing specialist expertise to the community is a cornerstone of the CPMC transplant program, allowing a full spectrum of local care for the patient. The 14 regional clinics, staffed by CPMC physicians and support staff, are strategically located in communities across northern California and Nevada, allowing greater access to patient services, such as liver care, transplant evaluation and post-transplant follow-up medical care. CPMC transplant surgical procedures are performed at CPMC in San Francisco.

    According to the SRTR data, CPMC is the only liver transplant program in the country with greater-than-expected outcomes in all four measured categories:

    • One-year adult deceased donor graft survival
    • Three-year adult deceased donor graft survival
    • One-year adult deceased donor patient survival
    • Three-year adult deceased donor patient survival
    In this reporting period of the SRTR data, the CPMC Liver Transplant Program shares high rates of survival for patients with Mayo Medical Center in Phoenix, University of Kansas Hospital, Ochsner Foundation Hospital in New Orleans, University of Texas Health Center Hospital and Medical College of Virginia Hospital.

    SRTR is an organization that supports ongoing evaluation of organ transplantation in the United States and publishes data for transplant center programs around the nation. It allows online comparison of programs'; risk-adjusted performance and survival rates on a regular basis. To access online comparisons of risk-adjusted performance and survival rates for organ transplant centers across the nation, or to access the SRTR annual report, visit

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