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    CPMC and HerreroBOLDT Exceeds Local Hiring Goals in Hospital Construction

    More than $2 million paid in SF resident wages

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    Contact: Miquel Penn
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    San Francisco, CA, March 12, 2015 - General Contractor HerreroBOLDT and Sutter Health’s California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) are pleased to announce that local construction hiring goals in the first 16 months of construction and renovation at the Van Ness and Geary and St. Luke’s Campus hospitals have surpassed the requirements of the workforce agreement between CPMC and the Mayor’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development.

    HerreroBOLDT (a partnership between Herrero Builders and The BOLDT Company) reports that the local construction hiring goals set through the city’s First Source Hiring Program for the two projects were met or exceeded in 2014 and resulted in more than $2 million in wages paid to San Francisco residents. Further, thirty-six percent of overall work at the Van Ness and Geary Campus and the St. Luke’s Campus hospitals was completed by San Francisco-resident union journeymen and apprentices.

    “Our team fostered an early relationship with the local building trades to meet and surpass our ambitious 30 percent local construction hiring goal. Through programs at CityBuild Academy and Mission Hiring Hall we were able to create more community-based hiring opportunities,” said Manager of Workforce Development and Public Relations Miquel Penn.

    HerreroBOLDT has awarded more than $10 million worth of contracts to local business enterprises. Sixty-six percent of entry-level construction positions for union apprentice candidates and one hundred percent of entry-level non-union administrative candidates were filled with San Francisco residents. Seventy percent of entry-level engineering internships were also awarded to San Francisco residents.

    Hiring CategoryLocal Construction Hiring GoalActual
    New and core opportunities for union journeymen and apprentices30% of trade hours worked by San Francisco residents36%
    Entry-level positions for union apprentice candidates50% of new-hire opportunities filled by San Francisco residents66%
    Entry-level positions for non-union administrative candidates50% of new hire opportunities filled by San Francisco residents100%
    Entry-level positions for engineering internship candidates50% of new hire opportunities filled by San Francisco residents70%
    Contracting with Local Business Enterprises (LBE) 14% of the value of all contracts 15% at St. Luke’s and 10% at VNG – 12% overall with $10,303,432 total to LBEs

    “HerreroBOLDT’s commitment to creating opportunities for skilled locals has made a very positive impact on our city. Their partnership with CityBuild and other neighborhood institutions has made their construction hiring and training efforts a model for building in San Francisco,” said CityBuild Director Pat Mulligan.

    To extend its reach, HerreroBOLDT is currently working with the San Francisco Unified School District’s Tech21, San Francisco Conservation Corps, Asian Neighborhood Design and other community-based programs to build capacity for its apprentice pipeline. The company will also be hosting summer construction interns and mentoring graduates of the Tech21 program.

    “As we build the next generation of health care for San Francisco, we are proud to have HerreroBOLDT team up with local hiring partners and provide mentorships that create pathways to long-term employment,” said CPMC’s CEO Dr. Warren Browner, MD, MPH.

    For more information on the CPMC construction projects and HerreroBOLDT’s local construction hiring policy, please visit: Opens new window