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    New Interventional Endoscopy Center Opens

    California Pacific Medical Center has opened the Paul May and Frank Stein Interventional Endoscopy Center. The Center houses some of the most sophisticated endoscopy and imaging equipment available from Olympus, Boston Scientific, and Fujinon including the SpyGlassâ„¢ system for direct bile duct system visualization.

    Similar to a gastrointestinal inspection using diagnostic endoscopy, interventional endoscopy also allows the endoscopist to perform surgical-type procedures from the inside. Using an endoscopy, a hollow flexible tube about the width of a pencile with a light and camera at the tip, the endoscopist is able to perform many procedures. A channel within the endoscope provides a conduit to introduce miniature instruments for the endoscopist's use during examination and procedures. Miniature endoscopes can be passed through the channel enabling endoscopic procedures in the bile and pancreatic ducts. Tiny ultrasound transducers are even used to examine tiny lesions within the gastrointestinal tract helping identify gastric cancers at an earlier stage.

    Staying on the leading-edge of medicine, each of new endoscopy suites is fully equipped with audiovisual equipment for live video-streaming, capable of DVD production for follow-up comparison, to use as a teaching tool, or to send to referring physicians. And to ensure the highest quality in patient safety, we have an on-site sterilization processing system. After manual cleaning is completed, all endoscopy equipment is attached to a 40-minute cycle disinfectant unit using Ortho-phthalaldehyde (OPA) for thorough sterilization.

    The Interventional Endoscopy Center was made possible through the generosity of Paul May and Frank Stein to the California Pacific Medical Center Foundation. They have made exceptional financial commitments to California Pacific for several years. Their philanthropy focused on fighting cancer of the pancreas, which unfortunately has struck both of their immediate families. Their altruistic spirit and extraordinary vision resulted in the creation of the Paul May and Frank Stein Interventional Endoscopy Center.