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    Workforce Development

    Medical Education

    CPMC’s medical education programs provide healthcare professionals with the opportunity to receive world-class training in medicine, nursing, and other allied health professions. This investment helps to train the future workforce and improve the quality of medical professionals.

    As a private, multi-campus teaching hospital, CPMC offers educational experience to physicians through its residency and fellowship training programs. Nursing schools throughout the Bay Area also look to CPMC, and especially to its nurses, to provide their students with hospital-based clinical experience. CPMC also provides clinical experience and supervision for students from across the country who are preparing for a variety of other professional roles in health care.

    In 2017, CPMC trained 167 physicians, 209 medical students, 456 nursing students, and 131 interns in other health professions.

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    BioMedical and Clinical Research

    CPMC’s Research Institute (CPMCRI) brings clinicians and researchers together to discover improved treatments and diagnostic technologies. Over 80 principal investigators – both laboratory and clinical researchers, including molecular biologists, immunologists, pharmacologists, biochemists, physicists, epidemiologists, behavioral scientists, biostatisticians, and computer scientists – work within CPMCRI.

    Biomedical research is conducted in such diverse areas as cancer, aging, arthritis, epilepsy, diabetes, neurobiology of pain, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, neurodegenerative diseases such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and infectious diseases. CPMCRI has particular strengths in oncology, transplant surgery/immunology, and neurosciences. More than 200 clinical trials are currently conducted through the CPMCRI Office of Clinical Research.

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    Community Workforce Programs for Youth

    Building the San Francisco workforce, especially by creating opportunities for youth, is a major focus of CPMC’s community benefit strategy. In 2017, CPMC provided internships and other training opportunities to 105 individuals through its community workforce programs.

    CPMC partners with organizations such as Galileo Health Academy, Year Up, Immaculate Conception Academy, Jewish Vocational Services, Life Learning Academy, and Meritus.

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