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    Community Benefit Financials

    CPMC’s quantifiable community benefit expenditures are outlined below. CPMC contributions to the community totaled $163.3 million in 2014.

    Community Benefit Expenses Grand Total
    (in thousands '000s)
    Services to the Poor and Underserved$99,089$90,290$124,080$125,505
    Benefits to the Broader Community$52,347$46,031$43,291$37,829
    Grand Total$151,436$136,321$167,371$163,334

    Services for the Poor and Underserved

    Community Benefit Expenses for Services to the Poor and Underserved
    (in thousands '000s)
    Charity Care
    (including Healthy San Francisco)
    Unpaid Costs of Medi-Cal
    (Medi-Cal shortfall )
    Other Benefits for the Poor
    and Underserved

    • Traditional charity care:  Charity care covers health care services provided to persons who meet categorical and financial criteria inhibiting them from affording the care provided.
    • Unpaid costs of Medi-Cal: The Medi-Cal shortfall is the difference between reimbursement from Medi-Cal and the cost of providing the services.
    • Other Benefits for the Poor and Underserved: Benefits provided to persons who cannot afford health care because of inadequate resources and are uninsured or underinsured, and cash donations to community partners for services to the underserved.

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    Benefits for the Broader Community

    Community Benefit Expenses for Benefits to the Broader Community
    (in thousands '000s)
    Non-Billed Services$609$268$255$182
    Education & Research
    and Workforce Development
    Cash and In-Kind Donations$544$503$305$213
    Other Community Benefits$1$2$80$80
    • Non-Billed Services: Health screenings and other health-related services, support groups, and community health education seminars and classes.
    • Education & Research and Workforce Development: The cost of training health care professionals and performing medical research.
    • Cash and In-Kind Donations: Contributions CPMC makes to community agencies to fund charitable activities for the broader community.
    • Other Community Benefits: The costs associated with community-building activities and needs assessment.

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