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    Classes and Education

    Use the search options below to find classes of interest to you. Sutter Health affiliates offer classes in locations throughout Northern California.

    Community Health Resource Center: We will each bring our own dinner and practice eating mindfully in a small judgment-free environment. This class will aid clients to take food risks, plan successful eating strategies to improve health. Next class : June 1
    Community Health Resource Center: Learn how to follow a healthy plant-based lifestyle and meet all of your nutritional needs. Join a registered dietitian to understand the benefits of this diet, as well as meal and snack ideas. Next class : June 7
    Community Health Resource Center: This presentation will cover sexuality & aging, including taboos & stereotypes, physical changes accompaning aging, safer sex practices, & the benefits of sexual expression for the aging community. Next class : July 19
    Community Health Resource Center: This support group is designed to aid the recovery of stroke survivors at any stage by providing a safe and supportive atmosphere where individuals are able to share their experiences. Next class : June 2
    Community Health Resource Center: This lecture will identify essential nutrients, vitamins & minerals, how to meet your nutritional requirements, & suggestions for navigating the supplement market, including risks, benefits, & safety. Next class : July 28
    Community Health Resource Center: If you have high blood pressure or diabetes, or have a family member who does, then you are at risk for kidney disease. Attend this lecture to learn about your kidneys and how to protect them. Next class : June 14
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