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    Use the search options below to find classes of interest to you. Sutter Health affiliates offer classes in locations throughout Northern California.

    Community Health Resource Center: Appropriate exercise has been proven to reduce pain and increase flexibility in those who suffer from arthritis. Come listen to a CPMC physical therapist to learn tips and skills to get relief. Next class : December 10
    Community Health Resource Center: Cost based screenings are offered on a drop-in basis: Cholesterol, body mass index, & blood pressure are offered on dates listed. The cost for all three screenings is $25/Individual screenings are $10 each. Next class : September 18
    Community Health Resource Center: Free health screenings are available to the community at the Mission YMCA. Come every month for different screenings: cholesterol, glucose, body mass index, and blood pressure. Next class : October 10
    Community Health Resource Center: This class will provide you with invaluable information about the gluten-free diet. Topics include symptoms, diagnosis and follow-up, shopping, cooking, resources and more. Next class : October 8
    Community Health Resource Center: Lung cancer is characterized by coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, chest pain, and repeated respiratory infections. Learn about the signs and treatment options during this lecture. Next class : November 13
    Community Health Resource Center: An overview of macular degeneration, the most common cause of vision loss in patients over 50. Early signs, risk factors, examination for a proper diagnosis, & treatment options will be discussed. Next class : November 4
    Community Health Resource Center: Falls are the leading cause of injury in older adults. Learn how to reduce the risk of falling, strategies to prevent falls, and maintain independence. Next class : October 1
    Community Health Resource Center: This small group class will provide an overview of nutrition therapy for chronic kidney disease. *Limited to HMO Brown & Toland members only. Preregistration required. Class limited to 8 people. Next class : September 23
    Community Health Resource Center: This lecture will cover the reasons why the need for dental care increases with age, dental problems seniors face and why, access to care issues for seniors, and resources for caregivers. Next class : December 3
    Community Health Resource Center: Develop healthy coping strategies for long term mental health by learning ways to reduce negative effects of stress with research-based stress management/tension-reducing techniques, tips and exercises. Next class : October 20
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