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    Classes and Education

    Use the search options below to find classes of interest to you. Sutter Health affiliates offer classes in locations throughout Northern California.

    Community Health Resource Center: This session will cover an overview of arthritis: what is arthritis, causes and symptoms, the most common types, how arthritis is screened for and diagnosed. Next class : April 6
    Community Health Resource Center: This session will cover treatment of different types of arthritic diseases, including lifestyle, medication, diet, & surgery. Prevention strategies and latest research findings will be discussed. Next class : April 13
    Community Health Resource Center: Integrative approaches to managing irritable bowel syndrome will be discussed, as well as an overview of other gastrointestinal disorders, physiology, symptoms, triggers, and treatment options. Next class : April 20
    Community Health Resource Center: An overview of viral hepatitis types A, B, and C, physiology and onset, who's most at risk, population health trends, & prevention strategies including vaccinations and ways to lower risk Next class : March 23
    Liver Cancer Support Group Next class : February 9
    Community Health Resource Center: This seminar will explain what long-term care is, costs & options to pay for it, including Medicare, Medi-Cal, life & long-term care insurance, & the innovative California Partnership for Long-Term Care. Next class : February 23
    Community Health Resource Center: We will each bring our own dinner and practice eating mindfully in a small judgment-free environment. This class will aid clients to take food risks, plan successful eating strategies to improve health. Next class : February 11
    Community Health Resource Center: This presentation will provide an overview of which GI conditions would be most appropriate for probiotic use, and if probiotics are right for you. Next class : April 27
    Community Health Resource Center: This support group is designed to aid the recovery of stroke survivors at any stage by providing a safe and supportive atmosphere where individuals are able to share their experiences. Next class : March 3
    Community Health Resource Center: This presentation will provide education on the physical and psychological aspect of pain, as well as shed light on understanding chronic pain. Next class : February 10